Level 2 Introduction to Pastoral Counselling

    The Introduction to Pastoral Counselling course usually runs twice a year in the Autumn and Spring.

    This Level 2 training course is intended as preparation for those who may wish to pursue Level 3 training (and higher) at a later date.  The course is equally suitable for those who are already involved in pastoral work and want to develop their pastoral skills.

    No specific academic qualifications are required for entry. See the latest leaflet for details of  dates and fees. Level 2 Leaflet

    This is a 10-week evening course and includes 2 Saturdays. The Saturdays are all-day sessions. The sessions take place at The Willows Centre, 11 Prospect Place, Old Town, Swindon, SN1 3LQ. In addition students will be required to attend a training day at The Harnhill Centre near Cirencester for which there is any extra charge (see leaflet).

    This course is approved by the Association of Christian Counsellers (ACC) and is accredited by the Open College Network (OCN).

    This is the Initial Course of the ACC Recognised Programme "The Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes Framework for Counselling” - Level 2

    Topics Covered in the course are:
    • The Helping Relationship
    • Being there as the Helper
    • Listening ‘skills’ and listening ‘practice’        
    • Egan's “The Skilled Helper”
    • Awareness of ‘Self’, in the role of Helper
    • Increasing our Understanding of Ourselves
    • Theoretical Models of Counselling
    • Facing, and staying with ‘Pain'

    • Using creative tools in the helping process

    • Integrating personal faith with Counselling Practice

    • Sensitive Issues and ‘Good Practice’

    • Made in God’s Image - Brokenness and Wholeness

    • Transitions and Endings